P O L Y C O L D®  A N D   T E L E M A R K™   T R A I N I N G   A N D   R E P A I R

How We Help You

What We Do

1. Leak Check System
2. Compressor Vacuum Test
3. Removal of Gas Charge from Units
4. Changing of Cool and Hot Gas Valves 
5. Show How to Make a Flush Kit
6. Do a Back Flush into a Unit from the Top of the Unit
7. Repair Leaks and Put the Unit on a Vacuum Pump
8. Recharging of Your Unit
9. Removal of Wet Foam and Re-Foaming of System
10. Make a Line Set from the Unit to Coil
11. Identifying Problomatic Areas of your Unit
12. Where to Buy Parts at Cost 
13. How to Rebuild your Systems to Make Them Like New
14.Brazing Copper to Stainless Steel & Copper to Copper at Cryo Temp

After 30 years of experience of working on Polycold® and Telemark™ systems, we are ready to provide you with the proper training and extensive knowldege on your systems. Companies that we instruct no longer have the need for repairs from an outside service because they can now perform their own repairs on their equipment. This is a huge cost savings for your company.  Instead of needing to call an outside service company to work on your Polycold® systems, you need to call us in to train your service team. We will make sure your team is fully capable of providing all your service needs on your Polycold® and Telemark™ systems.

*The brazing class is not included in a general class or in the general class pricing. The brazing class is available upon request and will be quoted into the training's final pricing.Brazing necessities must be supplied by the customer. An acetylene/oxygen torch set, copper tubing, and stainless steel tubing are needed for the brazing class. 

Diagnosing and Repairing
We will educated confident in-house trained technicians, service teams, and contractors to repair your Polycold®/Telemark™ systems


Avoiding Costs
Outside contractors can cost a lot of money, and by bringing your repairs in-house you save your money!


Eliminate the Middle Man
Get rid of the middle man and their price markup on parts by being able to order directly from the parts manufacturer.



*A Polycold unit is needed to work with for the class, supplied with functioning power and water lines

*At least one technician from your company will need to be EPA 608 certified for working with refrigeration. Information on obtaining this certification can be found on the ESCO Institute website www.escoinst.com

If needed, we will train an outside AC Contractor to work on your systems

For ongoing support with phone, email, and Skype, we will give you 90 Days of Follow-Up Free Support after the training.

If you would prefer extra support, we can offer you a package deal including unlimited phone calls and emails per year. Please contact us for pricing

All Airfare and Hotel to Be BOOKED and PAID by Customer and is not included in Travel Day pricing

​Per Diem (Rate TBD per IRS Guidlines) 
An exact location is needed before an exact per diem amount can be given

​If you have any questions about the pricing of our services, please feel free to contact us

Training Includes the Following